What is complaining? Being disrespectful or evil. Or is it more disrespectful if we don’t complain. Is complaining good? Do we like a person who,whenever we meet, just complains ” or”  a person who never complains and takes the load of it for years or even until death. Both of it’s extreme conditions are notContinue reading “COMPLAINING”


I used to laugh it out alone to observe how drastic change had occurred occasionally with time. Time, work and effort has changed the whole meaning ,definition and working process of being called engaged. It goes like this : earlier people were engaged with work and passion with themselves. Now people are passionately engaged withContinue reading “ENGAGED”


“IF YOU HAVE agriculture land and speeded years to create a building “ OR ” IF YOU HAVE INDUSTRIAL LAND AND YOU SPENDED YEARS TO TO CULTIVATE AGRICULTURE “ Than my dear land you are wasting your time. Often we humans do not also spend our yrs and yrs like this. To do something whichContinue reading “DECISION YOUR’S”


Why on the earth do 99% of people think that stagnant and consistency is one , for which our lazy human mind is free to think oh ! We are not failures but a topper. We are just perfect and have nothing to improve. In this blog it is really really very important to clearContinue reading “STAGNANT HARMFUL”


“Choice converts to action Actions to habit And Habit to success” Its rightly said by a good writer it’s your choice whether to have that one slice of pizza or that one day off from gym or to snooze that  alarm for 10 mins more or to laze a bit in a blanket . ORContinue reading “CHOICE”

Corona season

Honestly people who are both enjoying and suffering from covid situations are students. They are enjoying their no school time + chilling at home but at the same time struggling to keep study track. Now why are we struggling : Lack of aim Lack of strictness Lack of discipline  Why is it necessary? For exampleContinue reading “Corona season”


There are certain problems in life which make us weak . Why on earth only we are having problems or complaining is not a way to solve but to fight such problems is a solution. Everyone on the earth is having some problems may be emotional, mental, physical or even social . Even the greatest Continue reading “FIGHTING BACK STRONGLY”


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