From 100% of the population ,75% are ordinary ,5% extraordinary, 20% not even ordinary.

This is an interesting fact . Extraordinary people have time for everything and ordinary people never have enough time to fulfill their needs. I mean extraordinary people  literally do everything. They are literally experts in everything. So in this blog we are going 360° about our thoughts, beliefs , management and compare ourselves to those who are way better than us. And How really on Earth ” they do this”.

I know my one friend who was a hierarchical topper, amazing football player, fabulous personality and had marvelous knowledge about current affairs, trends, technology and was always joyful socially. I mean you name it and he had it. Of course he had a good list of friends or (crush) naturally!. But I was always suspicious about one thing ; how he was a topper but not nerdo, how he was good in sports and study but also in trends, current affairs and besides how literally he was social. Like earlier ,I had seen people with some of the above qualities but not all of them. 

So after having a good observation,study, discussion, facts :here is the point before you.  [12 hours vs the “12” hours]

What’s the 75% population ideal routine goes like 8hours of pure sleep, 2 hours of refreshment ,2 hours  little breaks ,  8 hours of work ( study or job) , 2 hours of Netflix or social media ,2 hours of minute daily work eg- washing dishes, gardening,etc.whats the 20% population goes like- 11 hours of sleep, 5 hours social media, 3 hours of work, 2 hours my minute work,3 hours ( their choice) . 

Now , are you able to analyse a few things , few problems , few lop holes ?? Where do you lie ! Are you ok with your routine or are you able to self improve your  plan . Dude If you have 3 hours of social media and 8 hours of sleep i.e, it directly means you have used 45% of your day and with 8 hours of job “79%” of the day 👀. Approx 80%. You are literally using 80% of your day doing things ” just ” required to be ordinary. I mean , of course 8 hours of Job is compulsory, you can not change ,  but what about rest i.e. in our hands.

Now let us analyse it with a 5% population routine. And it goes like

6 hours of sleep, 1hour of workout , 8 hours of job, 3 hours part time , 2 hour fun, 2 hours in self investment, 2 hours daily work.

See, do you analyse something. There is a vast difference in productivity, time allocation, management, preference, goal, focus, adjustment,clear preference between main and subsidy.[ok], let’s take an example: you are  having an offline exam after 2 days. Due to the blessings of corona season , you have studied “nothing” and were again expecting online exam .😥 unfortunately offline exam this Time. No choice , mandatory for all. Now assuming you are from 75% of the population. In this situation when you know nothing and have  an offline exam , what will you do? Will you now have your earlier just enough routine !( ordinary) or an alpha routine? Now will you need it ? someone on your head to scold you ,tell you to be productive and work or will you become a self alert.

Self alert right! Now this is the difference between 75% and 5% of the population. 5% people know their goal, and are deadly determined to achieve it, in their short life but however 75% of the population want to, just be enough , ordinary and not be wrongly highlighted in society. So they do things to be safe ,secure and spend 98% of energy taking care on things not to do, they are too afraid to take risks and they always work to have a safe ,secure and “so called ” respectable position in society. For  75% population 12 hours =8 hours of sleep + 4 hours of refreshment  (rest adjustable) vs for the 5% population 12 hours = spend 8 hours work +4hours passion ( rest adjustable).

Finding time is not hard,the secret is how you respect time and spend your time rationally.Doing that half an hour work out is not impossible, just wake up 30 mins before your original routine , get ready , do yoga/work out , dress up and go to school. Yes this is like the most tricky and clumsy things to achieve.  For ex – bath . We don’t /can’t bath anytime. Throughout the day we only have 2 to 3 opportunities to do it , your simple choice yes or no and boom! Things Happen. Same follows the whole week, months, years , and finally adds to you as your “personality”. These clumsy things can be your workout, play, cooking, cool hair style, crafting,part timing, relationships, creativity, one step for goal,etc.This are not complex but this is not  “easy” as well. These clumsy things are easy to do “and” easy to leave.This are few things which when done with passion, consistently and along management; make a person extraordinary from ordinary. The simple Choice is with you , to have 

12 hours or  “12” hours.

And this is what my friends I called it as my, “12 hours theory”

Hence concluded😉☺️

                        Bye bye

                  Have a nice day

            Make sure to implement it

    Write your views down below

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Hey there I am KHUSHI 16 year old girl who loves to wright . Here you can read the understandable, relatable and time effective blogs . This blogs are mostly about motivation for different life problems taken from life itself. This blogs have word with voice to make you feel every bit of blog.

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