I used to laugh it out alone to observe how drastic change had occurred occasionally with time. Time, work and effort has changed the whole meaning ,definition and working process of being called engaged.

It goes like this : earlier people were engaged with work and passion with themselves. Now people are passionately engaged with phones. Earlier work decides a man’s day.Now phone’s  data and GB define a man’s day. Before phone optional and books must, now books optional and phone must. Before marriage a relationship between man and woman, now marriage is a relationship between pre – post photoshoot, expensive vacation, jewelry,surprises on Western culture and big parties on occasion with outside food. Before busy means job, now busy means online work. Before family means 15 members now it means 4 members. Before just must not ,now job must for women. Before growth means a job( naukri ) related to studies. Now growth means not just restricted to jobs( naukri) . 

Really so much has  changed . But for me each age was good in the same way or the other. What is important is to always have a growth mindset and accept and give respect to everybody age , time and culture.

Published by Khushi

Hey there I am KHUSHI 16 year old girl who loves to wright . Here you can read the understandable, relatable and time effective blogs . This blogs are mostly about motivation for different life problems taken from life itself. This blogs have word with voice to make you feel every bit of blog.

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