Corona season

Honestly people who are both enjoying and suffering from covid situations are students. They are enjoying their no school time + chilling at home but at the same time struggling to keep study track.

Now why are we struggling :

  1. Lack of aim
  2. Lack of strictness
  3. Lack of discipline

 Why is it necessary? For example you are struggling to do regular exercise . Now  imagine One day you wake up to see no clothes fit you , you weigh 80 kgs , everyone bullying you, your favourite dress no longer fits you,  you are driven into eating disorder and depression. Now , will you face that same struggle of irregularity ?  Or would you be working extra hard to to burn off extra calories , to have your dream body, or that 6 abs … Now the same applies with your exams. I know no one of us  want  to fail exams . Imagine you come to know your pre  boards are from mid Nov or Dec and you have not at all studied even a word of anything. What would be your reaction? Of Course you will be very panicked and cold and totally confused about what to do now. And of course no matter what your reaction  is , you are definitely trying out hard to not fail or atleast have average marks. Now in this condition are you going to suffer: lack of aim, strictness or discipline. Or now is your phone going to distract you. No, for sure.!

So what to do now . Simply fool your brain about your exam in the best way possible . Now in your laptop, study table, phone ,notebook, bed , or wherever possible right down your false prepared exam time table for next week .( Be aware it is  just for you don’t share in group or something ) it’s a rumour just for you!!! ” just keep this rumour to yourself” . Pressure your brain as much as you can ,try to make that environment pretty real. Brainwash your mind completely. Try to stay away from your phone for 2 weeks completely.  Now within 3 days  you will be able to brainwash yourself. Now what to do is just follow your brain. Follow every single  step and advice your brain is giving. Make respective timetables and compulsory work according to it. Finish your task account to that deadline. Spend more and more time with yourself at the study table for making and executing plans. Avoid social gathering. Spend most of your time in your room. Now this step is important to create good vibrations for your project. The more and bigger breaks, you would take from your  room the more distracted and irregular you are going to be to achieve that task . The time you leave that place, the time you are going to have a million thoughts , the time your vibration is going to be more and more weak. Why is it important? For example you go to the TV and radio room, what vibe should you have , when you hold the phone and open Instagram or whatsapp what vibes do you have , chilling ?Of course!  Yes so when you open your study room what vibes you would have , study? Study? Study? Yes speak loudly what vibes you would have ( yes ,it’s! only your Study , aim , marks and %).  

One more tip booster.

Whenever you leave your room, always close the door to preserve that vibes.

                                                                  “ Ok so Bye bye”

Published by Khushi

Hey there I am KHUSHI 16 year old girl who loves to wright . Here you can read the understandable, relatable and time effective blogs . This blogs are mostly about motivation for different life problems taken from life itself. This blogs have word with voice to make you feel every bit of blog.

One thought on “Corona season

  1. Reblogged this on From guestwriters and commented:
    One has not to fool your brain about your exam, as is written in this article, but one has to find the inner strength and capability to do things, trusting in the self.
    Concentrating on the material to learn, taking away distraction tools is much better than to fool your brain because you will be fooling yourself.
    Ther conclusion of the article is right: the vibe should be to study. To read, learn and think, study and study.


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