What is complaining? Being disrespectful or evil. Or is it more disrespectful if we don’t complain. Is complaining good? Do we like a person who,whenever we meet, just complains ” or”  a person who never complains and takes the load of it for years or even until death. Both of it’s extreme conditions are not good. We people on Earth truly  do not  like any of these people whether it is some other person or yourself. For ex – you don’t like Mrs . Shilpa your colleague because she has most of her qualities as a person which you don’t like or maybe you have a bad fight with her , this year which broke your relationship or  something else. Now in this whole Earth we have some or the other complaints maybe it’s your rude boss or bad day or break up or your struggles as a single parent or  something else.  Ok , it’s completely ok to complain if something is not right or you don’t like it. But don’t be a mad complainer or a complete secret keeper , this both are completely harmful and not at all useful. Like  if you are complaining about something or the other for the entire day as a daily routine or even if you are not complaining but taking the load of your past till your death, then man 1st you are deteriorating your health, making your life a disaster. This kind of extreme 2 behinds restrict your mind to get free and even affect your growth cycle as you are wasting 90% of your total energy in this . Now what yo do 1 St) if you don’t like something say it 2nd) express yourself and that every emotions out which you were feeling due to it 3) get your mind free 4) be relaxed 5) just leave that matter there 6) now neither carry it with your life nor complain it again now  everything is done , journal entry is made and Dr cr side is done now  it should have no further relation with your ” life ” At All…

Published by Khushi

Hey there I am KHUSHI 16 year old girl who loves to wright . Here you can read the understandable, relatable and time effective blogs . This blogs are mostly about motivation for different life problems taken from life itself. This blogs have word with voice to make you feel every bit of blog.

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