Welcome to my Blog site

Here you will find blogs which you will relate to and you will feel connected to. My blogs will help you to connect with yourself. I write what you feel and what you experience within yourself. in my Blogs you will explore yourself. Stay connected.

Latest from the Blog


What is complaining? Being disrespectful or evil. Or is it more disrespectful if we don’t complain. Is complaining good? Do we like a person who,whenever we meet, just complains ” or”  a person who never complains and takes the load of it for years or even until death. Both of it’s extreme conditions are notContinue reading “COMPLAINING”


I used to laugh it out alone to observe how drastic change had occurred occasionally with time. Time, work and effort has changed the whole meaning ,definition and working process of being called engaged. It goes like this : earlier people were engaged with work and passion with themselves. Now people are passionately engaged withContinue reading “ENGAGED”

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