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Here you will find blogs which you will relate to and you will feel connected to. My blogs will help you to connect with yourself. I write what you feel and what you experience within yourself. in my Blogs you will explore yourself. Stay connected.

Latest from the Blog


A mental poison. Do you have a lot of friends but still feel lonely. Or you are not sure whether this people are truly your friends. Or think you have a toxic friendship relationship. In any of the case here we are with ” 15 signs of a fake friend”. 1. They’re a fair-weather friend. DoesContinue reading “NEEDS NO TITLE…”


1) WHEN YOU are ignored by the person who’s attention means most to you , the reaction in your brain will be equal to physical pain 2)The less you say , more your words matter 3) There will always be a reason why you meet , either you need them to change your life orContinue reading “8 WEIRD PSYCHOLOGY FACTS.”

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